Agra – Lucknow Expressway – India’s Longest Expressway

Good roads are very important factors for the development in one area as a whole because they are helpful in bringing the success of several Developmental activities. It may be in the movement of individuals or goods as well as in the development of agriculture, education, commerce, health and social well-being or even in law and order and security maintenance.

Agra - Lucknow ExpresswayFor that reason, to enhance the State’s economic development, the responsibility has been given to UPEIDA for the development of the Project of Agra to Lucknow Expressway (Greenfield). In our country (India), it is the longest Access Controlled Expressway (Greenfield) Project.

The implementation of the Project of Agra to Lucknow Access Controlled Expressway (Greenfield) is performed under the mode of Engineering Procurement and Construction (in short, EPC). It is the project of top priority for the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The idea of execution of this project is to lessen the time of travel between Agra and Lucknow and to open up roads for Urban and Industrial development of the area. It is going to add a new dimension for the development of Uttar Pradesh.

Land procurement has practically initiated in May, 2014 and within the duration of six months, 90% land has been procured with the approval of landowners and that is without even a trace of any type of protest. The expressway task has completed in an outstandingly short period of 22-24 months.

About Agra Lucknow Expressway

Some of the important features of Agra to Lucknow Access Controlled Expressway Project are:

The length of this Expressway is 302 km, providing connectivity to Agra, Mainpuri, Kannauj, Hardoi, Auraiya, Firozabad, Kanpur Nagar, Unnao, Etawah, and Lucknow – the districts of Uttar Pradesh.

This Expressway provides connectivity to the capital of the state with Agra and then to the National Capital.

This expressway has 6 lanes, expandable to 8-lanes along with all the structures of the width of 8 lane.

A design speed of the Expressway is 120kms per hour.

It is the longest Access Controlled Expressway in our country till date along with presumed travel time of 3:30 hours between its two limits.

The entry and existing facilities are available at specific points along the expressway.

It holds a facility of rest areas possessing petrol pump, restaurants, and toilets at 04 locations (02 on each side) throughout the expressway.

It has featured with the outstandingly Advanced Traffic Management System, able to enable timely information dissemination as well as the safety of the expressway users.

The parts of this expressway are 4 rail over bridges, 74 Vehicular underpasses, 58 minor bridges, 13 major bridges, 10 interchanges or flyovers as well as 148 Pedestrian Underpasses. All of these parts have been built.

It crosses via 4 National Highways, 5 rivers, and 2 State Highways. The 5 rivers are Ganga, Yamuna, Sai, Kalyani, and Isan.

Entry & Exit facility at specific points of crossings with important roads.

The Agra to Lucknow Access Controlled Expressway has several other features as well. This Expressway is providing various incredible benefits.

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