Upcoming Big Road Construction Projects in India 2018

In the period of modernization, our country (India), being a developing country, is in the requirement of development in its infrastructure as well as the transport system for making a great improvement in its faster-growing economy. For the elevation of the living standard, better urbanization and generating more employment, our country is concentrating on its infrastructure as well as transport system development.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Shivaji Memorial

Road construction ProjectsWith an aggregate budget of Rs 21,600 crore, this outstanding project has topped in the list of upcoming Indian mega projects. After completing the construction, the bridge is going to the longest bridge in our country featured with a 22.5 km of length. Earlier Maharashtra government had rejected four proposals for the particular sea link.

The specified sea link is going to start from Sewri to Chirle village and is going to pass through South Mumbai as well as Elephanta Island’s Thane Creek north. This amazing project will help to lower the traffic to a significant level because it is going to join the Mumbai with its outstanding satellite city Navi Mumbai.

The Central Government has aimed to construct a grand memorial of Chhatrapati Shivaji – the great Maratha King. The project will take the period of 4 years for completion. The memorial will be the tallest statue in the globe. The memorial is going to comprise of a beautiful grand museum regarding the Maratha Kingdom, a hall as well as a big garden along with the statue of mighty Shiva Ji in the centre.

Sagarmala Project

The Sagarmala Project has started its journey on 31st July 2015 in the Indian State Karnataka by Ministry of Shipping. The total budget for this Project is Rs 7.9 lakh crore. This outstanding project has secured 2nd position in this list. The objective of this project is to utilize the long 7,500 km coastline of India and encourage port-led development in our country.

The Indian government has the plan to construct inland waterways on rivers including Ganga, Mahanadi, and Brahmaputra. The plan is to make a connection to the road, rail, and air transport to the ports in an easy way to obtain an economical yet easy system of transport.

Under the particular project, six new ports are going to be constructed in five different states. After the execution of the complete project, the raw material’s import and the finished goods’ export procedures will become efficient and easy. This extraordinary project will be helpful for all the coastal states as well as for all the industries nestled in the states to progress at a faster pace.

Setu Bharatam project

Started with Rs 102 billion budget, the incredible Setu Bharatam project secures the 3rd position in this list. The objective of the particular project is the reconstruction of 1500 British-era bridges and to make sure no railway crossing through the National Highways. The project will be helpful in reducing traffic at the railway crossing and it will reduce the count of deaths due to railway accidents.

The aforementioned along with other mega projects are going to be extremely beneficial for our country.

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