List of Things to Add in First Aid box during Road Trip

If you are about to start a road trip, then it’s very important to take a properly-arranged first aid box with you. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a solid first aid kit in any way and even it has to be one of the first things in your packing list.

road tripWhether you are going shopping or hiking in the high mountains, some important things are needed for your protection and safety every time you go on a road trip (depending on your destination). When you are away from your home, you will be in a new atmosphere but a first aid kit will accompany you like a true friend in every place. Let’s check how your first aid box should be like.

A Strong Container

First, you have to look for a durable container that will work as your first aid box. It should be enough durable to accommodate all the required items. It is better to choose a box made of hard plastic and it should be featured with compartments (just like a small fishing tackle box).

The overall duration and length of your journey will decide about the size of your first aid box. In case you are preparing for a trip in a remote destination for many days, then naturally you will need a large one and if you are going to a crowded location for a short trip, then a smaller first aid box is more than enough.

Personal Medications

It might happen that the destination location doesn’t have a supply of your medication and in that situation, you will be in a huge trouble. So, it is essential to include the prescribed personal medications in your first aid box.

Sometimes, the same medications come in different names in different places and that’s why it is recommended to pack your medications and take them with you. It’s also very important to take doctor’s prescriptions with you. Countries usually check the documentation prior to permit you for entering because you need to prove that you are carrying medications for your personal use only.

Painkillers and antacids are common medications for a headache and indigestion respectively and likewise, the anti-itch cream is required to prevent infections after being bitten by a bug or from anything that occurs itching sensations to your skin. Pain relief spray and balms are very useful to get relief in sudden muscle cramps.

For Minor Injuries

You can’t make a prediction about any unforeseen situation and it can occur in many forms, including scrapes, bites, cuts etc. Hence, it’s very important to take the following things with you.

Adhesive dressings

Adhesive dressings (such as band-aids) that you can use for minor skin injuries or cuts should be mandatorily packed. Take bandages of various sizes, as you don’t know the size of your cut or injury before it happens.

Gauze Pads

These bandages are very useful for large injuries. You can purchase a large pack of gauze pads so as to cut it easily, as per the size of your injury.

Antiseptic, hand-wash, and eyewash (prescribed by your doctor) are some of the other important first aid box items that you should mandatorily take with you before onset your road trip.

Don’t forget to take Infrared Heating Pads with you on your road trip. It will be greatly effective in many sudden health issues, including muscle pain, muscle spasms, joint or shoulder stiffness etc. If you are suffering from arthritis, an Infrared Heating Pad will give you a great relief.

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