Safety tips for Car Drivers and Bike Riders While Driving on Expressway

Most of the urban Indian likes to reach their holiday destination by driving instead of booking tickets and traveling by bus or train. In the last few years, a major shift has been taken place from railways to road transport.

Safety tips for Car DriversOnce upon a time, our highways were overcrowded single or two lanes, however, slowly this scenario is changing by converting into smooth six-lane top class roads. These roads connect major cities. Nowadays, fatigued culverts and bridges along with unmanned railway crossings are going to replace.

Our highways are extraordinary in nature because we always need to share a considerable space with cycles, bullock carts, three-wheelers, tankers, cars, SUVs, buses and stray animals. Therefore, we should be very careful and take an array of safety measures in times of driving on our highways.

Before you Initiate

Don’t forget to maintain a full charge on your mobile prior to starting your drive and your fuel tank should also be filled. You should also check the spare tyre as well as the toolbox. Keep all the documents related to your car. Always keep your driving license with you. Refrain yourself driving in the night.

Keep to the Speed Limits

You should not be in a rush for reaching your destination. Always drive as per the condition. In case of raining or in the situation of heavy traffic, you should regulate your speed accordingly. Prevent yourself from constantly honking and attempting to overtake each and every vehicle in front of you.

Tankers and Lorries

Overloaded tankers and Lorries are driven at top speeds on the highways. Sometimes, they wave and give a signal that it is all right to overtake them and sometimes blink their right lights to indicate that you can overtake them. However, you need to be very cautious because such drivers can change lanes suddenly without any concern.

Unmarked Humps

Indian highways, specifically those making connection to villages have the unmarked bump. During the travel at high speeds on highways, such sudden bumps might make the car in front of you to slow down or veer suddenly. You should be cautious for these and should maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

Read the Signs

You should read the signs on the road for making predictions of zigzag curves, narrow bridges, railway crossings, and gradients. In times of driving on a two-lane highway, whenever a vehicle is coming from the opposite direction by flashing his/her headlights, it means the driver is requesting you to slow down and allow him/her to pass. In this situation, you should slow down and refrain from flashing your headlights at the driver.

Handling Fatigue

Driving long distances can cause fatigue resulting in driving errors that might end up in an accident. Therefore, it is very important to take a break every two to three hours. In case of having two drivers, change this responsibility every three hours.

There are also some other guidelines that you need to remember while going to drive on highways. Obey these guidelines and you can ensure your safety.

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